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The Old Red Lion Theatre
18th December 2012

Cinderella, The Anti Panto
Leicester Square Theatre
11th December 2012

Ex Libris Macabre: A Night of Dark Fairytales
Theatre Delicatessen, Marylebone Gardens
6th December 2012

The Arcola Tent
3rd December 2012

Fulfil Me Fully, Phil
The Space
30th November 2012

A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Blue Elephant Theatre
29th November 2012

Heir of the Dog
The Dogstar
20th November 2012

Freedom, Books, Flowers and the Moon
Waterloo East Theatre
16th November 2012

Happy Birthday Wanda June
The Old Red Lion Theatre
4th November 2012

The Wordcatcher
The Blue Elephant Theatre
16th October 2012

The Shooting Star
15th October 2012

The Ones Who Kill Shooting Stars
White Bear Theatre
14th October 2012

Beatrice on Fire
The Blue Elephant Theatre
12th October 2012

Mad Women
Portobello Popup
5th October 2012

All Hidden
Portobello Popup
4th October 2012

Portobello Popup
4th October 2012

Open House
Brunswick House
4th October 2012

Damned by Despair
The National Theatre
2nd October 2012

The Woyzeck
The New Diorama
27th September 2012

Etcetera Theatre
20th September 2012

Etcetera Theatre
20th September 2012

The Tsarevich and the Wolf
Etcetera Theatre
3rd September 2012

The story of how we came to be here, what we did before we got here, how you have forgotten why you asked us here and why we cannot remember why we came, or:
Is this what brings things into focus?
Studio Voltaire
31st August 2012

Etcetera Theatre
25th August 2012

Tristan Bates Theatre
20th August 2012

Getting it Off My Chest: How I Lost My Breast And Found Myself
Etcetera Theatre
19th August 2012

Henry V
The Old Red Lion Theatre
16th August 2012

Tristan Bates Theatre
13th August 2012

Dead Static
Etcetera Theatre
12th August 2012

The Theatre Games
The Moonlighting Club
9th August 2012

The 39 Steps
Criterion Theatre
7th August 2012

10 Days Earlier
The Camden Head
4th August 2012

Final Score
Tristan Bates Theatre
1st August 2012

Is Anything Broken?
Tristan Bates Theatre
1st August 2012

Palimpsest One
Upstairs at the Gatehouse
31st July 2012

Savage in Limbo
The Camden Eye
30th July 2012

A Life In Monochrome
The Space
19th July 2012

The Maids
The Lion and Unicorn Theatre
18th July 2012

27 Wagons Full of Cotton and The Interview
The Vibe Gallery
11th July 2012

The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You
The Blue Elephant Theatre
28th June 2012

Long Day's Journey Into Night
The Apollo Theatre
20th June 2012

The Old Vic
15th June 2012

The Shadow Formula
Greenwood Theatre
8th June 2012

You Obviously Know What I'm Talking About
The Roundhouse
3rd June 2012

The Sunshine Boys
The Savoy Theatre
30th May 2012

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