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Kim Hope: Hope-On-A-Rope (Version 2.015)
The Phoenix Artist Club
6th August 2015


Publicity image for Kim Hope: Hope-On-A-Rope (Version 2.015)

Photography provided by Kim Hope

What's tall, fast, Australian and is winning at life? Answer: Kim Hope on a scooter. In Hope-On-A-Rope (Version 2.015), the bubbly comedienne shares with us exactly how she's ended up in our city and what makes her love it so much. Now, the people at a London gig either live here and are obliged to adore this city in order to justify their extortionate cost of living to themselves, or they're tourists who have jetted in from very away and actually made an effort to be here. Smart move, Hope is no dumb blonde. Despite a small turnout, nothing was ever going to wipe that big cheesy grin off her face - as she says, she's just happy to be here. And you know what? I think she's serious.

Many of Hope's opening jokes are examples of gentle observational comedy about being a stranger in London. These get laughs of recognition, but we've heard most of them before. Maybe it's just me being a downright horrible person, but I found an observation about a pair of tourists and the London Eye wickedly funny. Hope does manage to offer up a few new insights, along with the usual tourist and transport rage which forms a lot of staple warm up material on the London comedy circuit.

Coming from Melbourne, Hope brings a fresh perspective to London life. She knows better than to talk to strangers on the tube (honestly, that sort of behaviour will get you deported), but she breaks all convention above ground, issuing random compliments to strangers and running off before they sink in and they realise what she's said. As well as dropping positive messages all over the place, she's tried property guardianship and bagged herself a job in the West End. Basically, Hope has tried her hand at all those things that we would secretly like to do ourselves. She's possibly a little bit mad, but you can't not find her thoroughly fabulous and want to wheel her home and adopt her as your new best friend.

Even when the laughs don't come thick and fast, it's a genuine pleasure spending time with Hope. Her anecdotes become more and more personal, and her hands flail more and more and as she really gets into the funny and sometimes bleak snippets of her life. Hope has a seemingly endless amount of energy and enthusiasm and a great sense of timing and delivery. Some of her material should be sharper, but as a performer, she's an utter joy.

If this is version 2.015, it suggests there might be another one to follow - the chance to spend another 60 minutes having a chinwag with Hope about love, life and London? Who wouldn't want to sign up for that? Hope is a thoroughly welcoming, friendly and inclusive comedienne, who not only makes you laugh, but leaves you feeling better about the world for quite some time after her gig.

Kim Hope: Hope-On-A-Rope (Version 2.015) opened on 3rd August and runs until 9th August 2015 at the Phoenix Artist Club, as part of the Camden Fringe.

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