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Whether you normally look down from the cheap seats in the gods, or sit up close in the front row, there's so much happening on the London performing arts scene and comedy circuit, it can be difficult to decide which shows you should spend your cash on and which shows should quite frankly, pay you for turning up.

At Views from the Gods, we review all the latest London talent, from West End plays to emerging comedians. We hope our site helps introduce you to some new performers.

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Once upon a time, Matthew Parker was that director who did a show that we quite liked and had taken over the running of yet another Off-West End venue. Or, as we like to say, "we knew him before he was famous." Having directed in-house production Lovesong of the Electric Bear to a whole host of rave reviews, transferred it to Above the Arts, then gone on to direct another two runaway successes, Sea Life and Steel Magnolias, Matthew has certainly made a name for both himself and his little venue with big ideas, The Hope Theatre in Islington.

Two years into a mad, joyous and cash-strapped adventure, we find out what it's like living the dream of having his own venue to play with, how Matthew approaches his work and what's next in store for The Hope. 2016 is all sorted, but suggestions for 2017 incidentally are very much welcome on a postcard...

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