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Whether you normally look down from the cheap seats in the gods, or sit up close in the front row, there's so much happening on the London performing arts scene and comedy circuit, it can be difficult to decide which shows you should spend your cash on and which shows should quite frankly, pay you for turning up.

At Views from the Gods, we review all the latest London talent, from West End plays to emerging comedians. We hope our site helps introduce you to some new performers.

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Musicals are rarely subtle, but Metropolis has even more obvious plot devices and allegories than most. Privileged John Freeman (Gareth James) runs the technologically advanced surface, whilst Maria (Miiya Alexandra) mothers the little children down below. For the underclasses (who literally live underneath the rich), fatal industrial accidents are a part of everyday life. They're all expendable. One day, Steven Freeman (Rob Herron), effectively heir to the throne, meets the lovely lower-class worker Maria and falls head-over-heels in love with her - well, to the extent that a one-sleeved bourgeoisie hero can. (His earnest, wistful questioning of to whom she 'belongs' does not go unnoticed by a modern day audience.) There's also an humanoid robot called Futura (Alexandra) thrown into the mix.

Whilst on paper, it is admittedly easy to understand why this silent movie adaptation was a box office flop back in 1989, I've never been disappointed when taking a chance on a revival by All Star Productions. This is after all the same company that managed to pull off Into the Woods with more style than powerhouse Disney, and made the unwatchable Superman into a laugh-a-minute musical treat. I went into this show hoping to love it.

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