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Whether you normally look down from the cheap seats in the gods, or sit up close in the front row, there's so much happening on the London performing arts scene and comedy circuit, it can be difficult to decide which shows you should spend your cash on and which shows should quite frankly, pay you for turning up.

At Views from the Gods, we review all the latest London talent, from West End plays to emerging comedians. We hope our site helps introduce you to some new performers.

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What's the longest you've ever waited for the curtain to go back up? 20 minutes? Half an hour? A bit longer? Well, at two years, the interval between The Me Plays and The We Plays has got to be a record breaker. Having watched Andrew Maddock tell some of his own stories in Junkie and Hi Life, I Win, he's back with two new protagonists in Cyprus Sunset and Irn Pru. As soon as the very first line of dialogue is uttered, something timey wimey happens and we haven't been waiting that long after all. Maddock is nowhere to be seen this time round, letting two other actors give a voice to his writing, but you can't miss his very distinctive style.

After dancing like a madman as the audience filter into the room, it's entirely predictable that Me (John Seaward) sinks onto the floor when the cue is given to start the show proper. However this isn't a play that unfolds as you might expect; the minimalist staging proves to be full of surprises, as does his monologue. The stage is pared back to a very small podium with director Phil Croft embracing the intimacy of the space and somehow turning a simple suitcase and curtain into so much more. Croft's interpretation of Maddock's work is bold, poignant and above all entrancing. We find ourselves hooked on Me's storytelling, laughing at his guilty pleasures and empathising with his difficult moments. This isn't any ordinary holiday tale, with Seaward taking us though a whole range of emotions.

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